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From 2013-2021, the Caneyville church of Christ began publishing small articles in the Butler County Banner. We have included these articles for your Bible study and benefit below. To God be the glory in what we are doing in trying to spread the gospel locally, regionally, and worldwide (Mk. 16:15; I Thess. 1:8; II Tim. 4:2).

Your Epitaph

What Is The church Of Christ? (#7)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#6)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#5)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#4)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#3)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#2)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#1)

Come And See

Condemning The World

The Brevity Of Life

Can One Do Anything To Be Saved?

Is Man Born In Sin?

Proverbs To Ponder (#2)

Proverbs To Ponder (#1)


Speaking Plainly And Clearly

No Favorites

Your Attitude Toward The Bible

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Date Title Author
10/12/16 God Recycles Joel Raulerson 4-41_God_Recycles_-_JR.pdf
10/05/16 Three Cities Lost Jarrod Jacobs 4-40_Three_Cities_Lost.pdf
02/25/15 Believing In God Or Believing God Jarrod Jacobs 4-8_Believing_In_God_Or_Believing_God.docx
02/18/15 The Tiger Picture Jarrod Jacobs 4-7_The_Tiger_Picture.docx
02/11/15 Evidence That Jesus Cares For You Jarrod Jacobs 4-6_Evidence_That_Jesus_Cares_For_You.docx
02/04/15 You Are In The Bible! Jarrod Jacobs 4-5_You_Are_In_The_Bible.docx
01/28/15 The Blood Of Christ Jarrod Jacobs 4-4_The_Blood_Of_Christ.docx
01/21/15 Why Did John Die? Jarrod Jacobs 4-3_Why_Did_John_Die.docx
01/07/15 "Some Things We Cannot Change" Jarrod Jacobs 4-1_Some_Things_We_Cannot_Change.docx
12/31/14 Lying Jarrod Jacobs 3-52_Lying.docx
12/24/14 Jesus Marveled Jarrod Jacobs 3-51_Jesus_Marveled.docx
12/17/14 Calling On The Name Of The Lord Jarrod Jacobs 3-50_Calling_On_The_Name_Of_The_Lord.docx
12/10/14 "Except The Lord Build The House ..." Jarrod Jacobs 3-49_Except_The_Lord_Build_The_House.docx
11/19/14 Ruth Didn't Know! Jarrod Jacobs 3-46_Ruth_Didnt_Know.docx
11/05/14 Where Could I Go But To The Lord? Jarrod Jacobs 3-44_Where_Could_I_Go_But_To_The_Lord.docx
10/29/14 Hypocrisy Jarrod Jacobs 3-43_Hypocrisy.docx
10/22/14 The Church For Which Christ Died Jarrod Jacobs 3-42_The_Church_For_Which_Christ_Died.docx
10/15/14 "The Bible Has Lies In It" Jarrod Jacobs 3-41_The_Bible_Has_Lies_In_It.docx
09/24/14 Satan Works Overtime Jarrod Jacobs 3-38_Satan_Works_Overtime.docx
09/17/14 Things Baptism Does Jarrod Jacobs 3-37_Things_Baptism_Does.docx
09/10/14 The Devil's Broth Jarrod Jacobs 3-36 The Devils Broth.docx
09/03/14 Ability Does Not Mean Authority Jarrod Jacobs 3-35 Abilty Does Not Mean Authority.docx
08/27/14 The Theme Of The Bible - Redemption Jarrod Jacobs 3-34 The Theme Of The Bible - Redemption.docx
08/20/14 With Christ Jarrod Jacobs 3-33 With Christ.docx
08/06/14 An Expiration Date Jarrod Jacobs 3-31 An Expiration Date.docx

Displaying 26 - 50 of 134

Page 1 2 3 4 5 6