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From 2013-2021, the Caneyville church of Christ began publishing small articles in the Butler County Banner. We have included these articles for your Bible study and benefit below. To God be the glory in what we are doing in trying to spread the gospel locally, regionally, and worldwide (Mk. 16:15; I Thess. 1:8; II Tim. 4:2).

Your Epitaph

What Is The church Of Christ? (#7)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#6)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#5)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#4)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#3)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#2)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#1)

Come And See

Condemning The World

The Brevity Of Life

Can One Do Anything To Be Saved?

Is Man Born In Sin?

Proverbs To Ponder (#2)

Proverbs To Ponder (#1)


Speaking Plainly And Clearly

No Favorites

Your Attitude Toward The Bible

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Date Title Author
01/01/14 We Are Free Moral Agents Jarrod Jacobs 3-1 We Are Free Moral Agents.docx
12/25/13 Do You Know My Friend? Jarrod Jacobs 2-52 Do You Know My Friend.docx
12/18/13 The Extent Of God's Authority Jarrod Jacobs 2-51 The Extent Of Gods Authority.docx
12/11/13 The Wisdom Of God Jarrod Jacobs 2-50 The Wisdom Of God.docx
12/04/13 ... According To All The Lord Commanded Jarrod Jacobs 2-49 According To All God Commanded.docx
11/20/13 Jesus Marveled Jarrod Jacobs 2-47 Jesus Marveled.docx
11/13/13 Nothing Beyond Our Capabilities Jarrod Jacobs 2-46 Nothing Beyond Our Capabilities.docx
10/30/13 Remember Lot's Wife Jarrod Jacobs 2-44 Luke 17-32.docx
10/23/13 86,400 Jarrod Jacobs 2-43 86400.docx
10/16/13 Noah Condemned The World Jarrod Jacobs 2-42 Noah Condemned The World.docx
10/09/13 What Will You Leave Behind? Jarrod Jacobs 2-41 What Will You Leave Behind.docx
10/02/13 What Is Your Attitude Toward Sin? Jarrod Jacobs 2-40 Your Attitude Toward Sin.docx
09/25/13 The Dangers Of Assuming Jarrod Jacobs 2-39 The Dangers Of Assuming.docx
09/18/13 What Prevents Me From Being Baptized? Jarrod Jacobs 2-38 What Prevents Me From Being Baptized.docx
09/11/13 What The Empty Tomb Means Jarrod Jacobs 2-37 What The Empty Tomb Means.docx
09/04/13 Life Is Too Short (#2) Jarrod Jacobs 2-36 Life Is Too Short - 2.docx
08/28/13 Life Is Too Short (#1) Jarrod Jacobs 2-35 Life Is Too Short - 1.docx
08/21/13 Is One Church As Good As Another? Jarrod Jacobs 2-34 Is One As Good As Another.docx
08/14/13 The Deceit Of Alcohol Jarrod Jacobs 2-33 The Deceit Of Alcohol.docx
08/07/13 God's Definition Of A Family Jarrod Jacobs 2-32 Gods Def Of A Family.docx
07/18/13 3 Sins That Condemned Daniel Jarrod Jacobs 2-29 3 Sins That Condemned Daniel.docx
07/15/13 Another Strike At The Fabric Of Society Jarrod Jacobs 2-28 SCOTUS and DOMA and Marriage.docx
07/04/13 Liberty In Christ Jarrod Jacobs 2-27 Liberty In Christ.docx
07/02/13 All Things Desirable To Men Are Contained In The Bible Jarrod Jacobs 2-26 All Things Desirable To Men.docx
07/01/13 Mary, the Mother of Christ Jarrod Jacobs 2-25 Mary.docx

Displaying 76 - 100 of 134

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