The History Of This Congregation

The History Of This Congregation

While we are aware that the Lord's church began on the day of Pentecost following the Lord's death, burial, and resurrection (Acts 2), this local congregation of God's people began in the 1950's ...

Specifically, in 1954, some Christians who were worshipping at the New Hope church of Christ in Butler Co., KY, began meeting on Sunday nights in a store building owned by Argalus Bryant in Caneyville. (This building stood where the white house stands at the 4-way stop in town.) These people lived in/near Caneyville and found it more convenient to attend in Caneyville instead of driving out of town every week.

In 1955, the church building was built, as well as the white house that is there today. Families who began the church at Caneyville include:

  • Abraham and Gracie Bryant
  • Macy Higgs (and children)
  • John and Doris Day (and children)
  • Estil and Opal Woosley

Others who began meeting after the building was built:

  • W.C. "Whit" and Wreatha Proffitt (and son) - the Proffitt's were converted to Christ after attending a tent meeting where bro. James P. Miller did the preaching.
  • Otis and Frankie Bryant (and children)
  • Forest and Helen Swift