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From 2013-2021, the Caneyville church of Christ began publishing small articles in the Butler County Banner. We have included these articles for your Bible study and benefit below. To God be the glory in what we are doing in trying to spread the gospel locally, regionally, and worldwide (Mk. 16:15; I Thess. 1:8; II Tim. 4:2).

Your Epitaph

What Is The church Of Christ? (#7)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#6)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#5)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#4)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#3)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#2)

What Is The church Of Christ? (#1)

Come And See

Condemning The World

The Brevity Of Life

Can One Do Anything To Be Saved?

Is Man Born In Sin?

Proverbs To Ponder (#2)

Proverbs To Ponder (#1)


Speaking Plainly And Clearly

No Favorites

Your Attitude Toward The Bible

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Date Title Author
05/03/17 Sin Begins In The Heart Joel Raulerson 5-18_Sin_Begins_In_The_Heart_-_JR.pdf
04/19/17 "To Whom Shall We Go?" Joel Raulerson 5-16_To_Whom_Shall_We_Go_-_JR.pdf
04/12/17 Who Do You Love More Than God? Joel Raulerson 5-15_Who_Do_You_Love_More_Than_God_-_JR.pdf
04/05/17 "The Wicked Flee" Joel Raulerson 5-14_The_Wicked_Flee_-_JR.pdf
03/29/17 The Difference Between Singing And Playing Joel Raulerson 5-13_The_Difference_Between_Singing_And_Playing_-_JR.pdf
03/22/17 Does Paul Allow Instruments In Worship? Joel Raulerson 5-12_Does_Paul_Allow_Instruments_In_Worship_-_JR.pdf
03/15/17 Do You Have A Price? Jarrod Jacobs 5-11_Do_You_Have_A_Price_-_JR.pdf
03/08/17 Do I Hate You Because I Tell You The Truth? Joel Raulerson 5-10_Do_I_Hate_You_Because_I_Tell_You_The_Truth_-_JR.pdf
03/01/17 Our Gospel Meeting With Wilson Adams Jarrod Jacobs 5-9_Gospel_Meeting_Announcement_-_Wilson_Adams.pdf
02/15/17 From Where Do You Get Your Authority? Joel Raulerson 5-7_From_Where_Do_You_Get_Your_Authority_-_JR.pdf
02/08/17 The Worst Of The Worst Joel Raulerson 5-6_The_Worst_Of_The_Worst_-_JR.pdf
02/01/17 Refrigerator Christianity Joel Raulerson 5-5_Refrigerator_Christianity_-_JR.pdf
01/25/17 Progressive Sin Joel Raulerson 5-4_Progressive_Sin_-_JR.pdf
01/18/17 How To Be Complete Joel Raulerson 5-3_How_To_Be_Complete_-_JR.pdf
01/11/17 Do You Despise Discipline? Joel Raulerson 5-2_Do_You_Despise_Discipline_-_JR.pdf
12/21/16 Changing The Church Joel Raulerson 4-51_Changing_The_Church_-_JR.pdf
12/14/16 Did The Devil Win? Joel Raulerson 4-50_Did_The_Devil_Win_-_JR.pdf
12/07/16 "Should Not Perish" Joel Raulerson 4-49_Should_Not_Perish_-_JR.pdf
11/30/16 The Power Of A Lie Joel Raulerson 4-48_The_Power_Of_A_Lie_-_JR.pdf
11/23/16 "Where The Worm Does Not Die" Joel Raulerson 4-47_Where_The_Worm_Does_Not_Die_-_JR.pdf
11/16/16 Out Of Darkness Joel Raulerson 4-46_Out_Of_Darkness_-_JR.pdf
11/09/16 "God Is Holding Me Back!" Joel Raulerson 4-45_Is_God_Holding_Me_Back_-_JR.pdf
11/02/16 The Wages Of Sin Joel Raulerson 4-44_The_Wages_Of_Sin_-_JR.pdf
10/26/16 News You Can Use Joel Raulerson 4-43_News_You_Can_Use_-_JR.pdf
10/19/16 Are Christians Perfect? Joel Raulerson 4-42_Are_Christians_Perfect_-_JR.pdf

Displaying 1 - 25 of 134

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