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Control Is An Illusion!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Control Is An Illusion!

            Does this title surprise you? I hope not. Yet, it is true that control in this life really is an illusion. If you do not believe this, then I ask what control do you have when a tornado rolls through your neighborhood? Further, what control do you have over the car that is in your lane and going to collide with you? Can we control a heartbeat? To make this even more personal, who can stop the aging process in our bodies (Matt. 5:36)? Who can control another’s thoughts about them?

            Friends, we have no control over matters in this life, really. The only control one has is the control over one’s mind and attitude (Prov. 4:23)! Thus the reason we need to think on godly and upright things (Phil. 4:8). Thus the reason we need to fill our minds with godliness and truth (Eph. 3:4; Ps. 119:97). This is because by controlling our thoughts, we can then control our actions and be blessed by God (Phil. 4:9; Matt. 7:21; Mk. 16:16).

            Since “control” in our lives is an illusion, let us determine to turn to the One who truly has control. The One who has control is the God of Heaven. Let us be obedient to Him and follow Him daily (Matt. 10:38). God has control over this world, and we do not! He has control, and His providence and patience has granted us the blessing of this day (II Pet. 3:9, 15; Rom. 2:4). Further, God’s control allows us the opportunity to hear the word of God, believe it, and be baptized so we can be saved (Mk. 16:16; Acts 18:8; etc.). Are we going to submit to the control of the Lord?

"Give Me The Truth" by Bill Crews

Friday, February 06, 2015

The following article was written by Bill Crews concerning the truth. I have enjoyed reading it through the years, and I hope that this is helpful to you....

If you are my friend, if you are concerned about my soul, give me the truth. Do not flatter me. Do not praise my virtues while remaining silent about my vices. Do not fear the truth will offend me. Do not treasure our friendship, our friendly relations, above my salvation. Do not think that by ignoring my sins, you can help me. Do not think that being blind to my sins will prove you charitable. However I may react to it, whatever may be my attitude toward you after you have done it, GIVE ME THE TRUTH!

For the truth, and only the truth, can make me free from the shackles of sin, strengthen me in the pathway of righteousness and lead me to the joys of heaven. If I am wavering, weak, lukewarm, indifferent, neglectful; if I have been overtaken in a trespass; if I have been drawn into the pleasures of the world; if I have left my first love; if I have been led astray by error, or, if I have done none of the these things, but simply need to grow in knowledge and then be edified, GIVE ME THE TRUTH!



Thursday, February 05, 2015

(by D.J. Higgins)

Friend, I stand in judgment now

And feel that you’re to blame somehow.

On earth, I waited with you day by day,

And never did you point the way.


You knew the Lord in truth and glory

But never did you tell His story,

My knowledge then was very dim,

You could have led me safe to Him.


Yes, I knew He’d made the earth,

But knew not of that second birth.

And now I stand this day condemned,

Because you failed to mention Him.


You taught me many things that’s true.

I called you “friend” and trusted you.

I learn, now that it’s too late,

You could have kept me from this fate.


We walked by day and talked by night,

And yet you showed me not the Light.

You let me live, and love, and die,

And knew I’d never live on high.


Yes, I called you “friend” in life,

And trusted you in joy and strife.

And yet, on coming to this end,

I cannot, now call you “my friend.”


Brethren, are we truly being a “friend” to those who do not know the Lord?

[See: II Timothy 2:2; I Timothy 4:6; I Peter 4:11]


Why I Am A Member Of The church Of Christ

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

“Why I Am A Member Of The church Of Christ”

A.C. Grider (1912-1990)

 I didn’t join the church of Christ. I didn’t select the church of Christ as “my choice” from among many churches. It never occurred to me that I had a choice nor that I desired to make a choice of churches.

I started thinking about my spiritual condition down in Tennessee some years ago — several years ago and made up my mind that I should do something about it. I began to consider what the Lord wanted me to do. I started to study my Bible.

I found that I was a sinner and that Christ was THE savior. I found that if I were ever saved it would only be by Christ. I considered His word relative to what to do to be saved. He said I should repent, Luke 13:3, I did. He said I should confess Him, Matthew 10:32. I did. He said I should be baptized, Mark 16:16. I did. He said if I would do these things I would BE SAVED. I was. But the BIBLE taught that when I was saved the Lord added me to the church, Acts 2:47. He did.

Now, WHICH CHURCH did he add me to? HIS, Matthew 16:18; Acts 20:28; Romans 16:16. Thus I am a member of the church of Christ because I had NO CHOICE and wanted none. I just wanted to be saved. And I was!

Faith And Works In Hebrews 11

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Some people wish to teach us that faith and works are mutually exclusive. Not so! Faith and works are joined together, as we see in the book of Hebrews 11. Please read this chart below and see the connection between faith and works. -- Jarrod


                         Faith                                                          Works

Abel (v. 4)

Offered a more excellent sacrifice

Enoch (v. 5)

Pleased God

Noah (v. 7)

Moved with fear … Prepared An Ark

Abraham (v. 8-9)

Obeyed … Sojourned

Sarah (v. 11)

Conceived … delivered a child

Abraham (v. 17)

Offered up Isaac

Isaac (v. 20)

Blessed Jacob and Esau

Jacob (v. 21)

Blessed his sons … worshiped

Joseph (v. 22)

Gave commandment concerning his bones

Moses’ parents (v. 23)

Hid Moses as an infant … were not afraid of the king’s commandment

Moses (v. 24-28)

Refused Egypt … Choosing to suffer … Forsook Egypt … Kept the Passover

Israelite nation (v. 29-30)

Crossed the Red Sea … Compassed the walls of Jericho

Rahab (v. 31)

Received the spies

Numerous faith heroes (v. 32-38)

Subdued kingdoms … obtained promises … escaped the edge of the sword … many died for their faith!

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