Gospel Meeting With Lanny Smith (Oct. 13-18)

We invite you to come and attend our gospel meeting with brother Lanny Smith (October 13-18). We will meet together at our "regular" times, on Sunday, October 13 (10 AM Bible Study, 10:45 AM & 5:00 PM Worship), and then will meet together M-F, October 14-18, at 7:00 PM to hear the gospel preached by bro. Smith. Please make your plans now and come be with us during our gospel meeting! We look forward to seeing you with us! Below is the list of sermons brother Smith plans on preaching:

  • Sunday Bible Study: Exalting Jesus Christ
  • Sunday AM - The Simple Message Of The Cross
  • Sunday PM - The Cross Changes Me
  • Monday - The Kingdom Of Christ In Its Broadest Sense
  • Tuesday - Books That Should Be Burned
  • Wednesday - The Dark Side Of Good Men
  • Thursday - Keeping Back Part Of The Price
  • Friday - What Paul Was Taught About Baptism

Gospel Tracts

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This is your invitation to come visit with the Caneyville church of Christ. We meet on the Lord's day for Bible study at 10:00 AM, Worship at 10:45 AM, and 5:00 PM. We meet near the 4-way stop in Caneyville, KY (intersections of Hwys 62 and 79). A warm welcome awaits you when you attend!

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