“Psalm 17”

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Psalm 17 

         Psalm 17 is titled “a prayer of David.” Those who have spent years in study of this book suggest that Psalms 16-18 are to be linked together. This prayer of David is prayed from the standpoint of a man trying to do things God’s way, and then facing enemies (v. 9) who are surrounding him (v. 10), and striving to harm him (v. 11-13). Yet, it is from God that he will get deliverance (v. 13-15).

This psalm is a tribute to God's greatness, but also a reminder to us. It first reminds us that David faced problems just like we do today. It is not that King David had no problems, or they were removed somehow (Ecc. 1:9-11).

Secondly, we are reminded that whatever problems we face need to be given to God (I Pet. 5:7). When we refuse to do this, we are telling God we will do it on our own. This is a mistake (Jer. 10:23; Ps. 17:5)! Let’s turn our concerns and care over to God and allow Him to be in charge for a change! See what happens then.

Let us be reminded that it is God who has our best interests in mind, not man (Ps. 17:6-7). When we observe the actions of men, we see their wickedness on many occasions (v. 9-12). Very few men have our best interests in mind. Conversely, God always wants what is best for us! This is what love does (I Cor 13:4-8), and God is love (I Jn. 4:8)!

Psalms 16-18 are also connected because these passages fit well with the life of Christ. In reading this text, we see how this is so. Christ approached God in prayer and in life with genuine speech (v. 1). He called upon God, trusting that God would hear, and He did (v 6). God kept Jesus (and David, and others) as “the apple of the eye” (v. 8). This figure of speech means someone close to you, someone special. Certainly Jesus would fit that description!

Christ was surrounded by enemies and the wicked, but trusted in God (v. 9-13). God delivered, and He will deliver men today! Read Psalm 17:15 and note the trust we can have in God because of what He has done for us! This is a psalm of comfort when the hard times come, and we ought to read it again and again.

- Jarrod M. Jacobs