“Psalm 1”

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Psalm 1

The psalms were songs sung by the Hebrews through the generations. While we know David wrote the majority of psalms, we see men like Moses, Solomon, Asaph, the Korahites, and others also penning these inspired songs. The psalms are true faith-building writings and worthy of our reading and study. These collected works have a context, and it would do us well to consider the teachings, the poetry, and the wisdom contained therein.

The first psalm clearly distinguishes between the righteous and wicked (v. 1, 4). This impresses me as I note that God says this is a distinction we can understand. Take note of many of our movies, TV shows, written works, games, internet shows, etc., and see how so many “good guys” also entertain doing evil when necessary. Further, it is not uncommon to see some “bad guys” portrayed as lovable or even “misunderstood.” The “white hats” and “black hats” that populated our entertainment in bygone days no longer exist! No wonder our children are not sure what is right and wrong when they are influenced by popular media daily! Parents, where are you (Eph. 6:4)? Christians, where are you (Matt. 5:14-16)?

Let us return to the Bible. Read Psalm 1 to your children today. Read it today for your personal application (Rom. 15:4)! When you do, you will see a clear distinction between the righteous and wicked (Ps. 1:1, 4). The difference in the kind of lives these men live could not be more apparent after reading this psalm! One lives a life of stability and focus (v. 3). He will prosper! The other lives a life of uncertainty and loss (v. 4)! Further, you will be shown what makes the righteous man righteous (v. 2-3) and the wicked man wicked (v. 4-5). Lastly, we are shown the results of righteous and wicked living (v. 3, 6).

Psalm 1 demands our attention and study (“day and night,” v. 2). Let us take time to consider this psalm well and then compare it to the teachings of Christ and the apostles. We will see the connections right away and see how it is best to do things the Lord’s way. Would God consider you a godly or ungodly person? Why did you answer the way you did? Compare yourself to Psalm 1 and see God’s definition of godly and ungodly, of who is “blessed” and who is “cursed”!

- Jarrod M. Jacobs