“God Said It, I Believe It, That Settles It”

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“God Said It; I Believe It; That Settles It.”

Jarrod Jacobs

            The above statement has been popular for some years, now. I am sure most of our dear readers have heard this from time to time. It has been on multitudes of bumper stickers, and in fact, one book I own has this phrase at the end of every chapter! It is a good thought, and I appreciate the sentiment expressed. This statement conveys the message that since God said it, then I believe it. It is then “settled” because I will not argue with my God about it, nor will I listen to anyone who may try to get me to question the word of God.

            There is an even more accurate way to state this truth, though, and it is: “God Said It; That Settles It; I Believe It.” Put simply, once God says something, that settles it, regardless of whether or not I believe it! When God speaks the truth, it is settled (Ps. 119:89). If one fights and argues against the will of God, a man’s “unsettled” mind has no effect upon God’s truth (Ex: II Kings 5:10-14). At the same time, when one accepts God’s word completely, the acceptance and obedience to His word had no effect on the truth, either (Acts 2:41, 47)! God said it, and that settles it! Therefore, I need to believe it.

            God’s word has been man’s standard from the beginning. So long as we live upon this earth, this standard will not change (Matt. 24:35; I Pet. 4:11).