“Psalm 2”

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Psalm 2

Many have expressed their opinions about the nations addressed in this psalm. There are some aspects that God has kept vague, but I suggest this psalm is a reminder to every nation of who is really in charge of things! Beginning at the end, let us remember that the blessed people are those who put their trust in Him (God’s anointed King, v. 11-12). Have you put your trust in Him (Ps. 7:1, 11:1, 16:1, 25:2; I Tim. 4:10; II Cor. 10:7)?

When reading Psalm 2, some have tried to guess which “kings” and “rulers” joined to rage against God (v. 1-3). It really does not matter, for the end result is true for any man or nation who decides to rebel against God! When we look through history, we find many individuals, leaders of men, governments, etc., who have rebelled against God and ultimately failed. Friends, this is the point! No one can stand against God.

This is why the One who sits in the heavens laughs (v. 4). He laughs at their vain action. What can a man do to overpower God? Nothing! God will overcome (Rev. 17:14)!

This passage also has a Messianic focus (v. 6-7). Hebrews 1:5 quotes this psalm and applies it the Christ. To whom has God ever said, “thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee?” He never said it to a man or an angel, only to Christ!

As this psalm closes, notice God instructs men to be “wise” (v. 10). How can we be wise? We need to listen to God’s instruction (v. 10), serve the Lord (v. 11), and worship Christ (“kiss the son;” “pay homage,” v. 12)! This is the path to real wisdom (Ps. 119:98-100).

Notice that the way God tells us to be wise is not what man says is necessary. They call what God instructs “foolishness” and their ways “wise.” Yet, God chose what men call foolish to confound and confuse those deemed “wise” (I Cor. 1:20-21, 25, 27-29).

Let’s reread Psalm 2 and be impressed with God’s power. He is in control. He rules and has sent His Son to be “King of kings and Lord of lords” (I Tim. 6:15). Will you listen to Him? Pray our rulers stop listening to men and listen to God before it is too late (I Tim. 2:1-4).

- Jarrod M. Jacobs