“Faith And Works In Hebrews 11”

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Some people wish to teach us that faith and works are mutually exclusive. Not so! Faith and works are joined together, as we see in the book of Hebrews 11. Please read this chart below and see the connection between faith and works. -- Jarrod


                         Faith                                                          Works

Abel (v. 4)

Offered a more excellent sacrifice

Enoch (v. 5)

Pleased God

Noah (v. 7)

Moved with fear … Prepared An Ark

Abraham (v. 8-9)

Obeyed … Sojourned

Sarah (v. 11)

Conceived … delivered a child

Abraham (v. 17)

Offered up Isaac

Isaac (v. 20)

Blessed Jacob and Esau

Jacob (v. 21)

Blessed his sons … worshiped

Joseph (v. 22)

Gave commandment concerning his bones

Moses’ parents (v. 23)

Hid Moses as an infant … were not afraid of the king’s commandment

Moses (v. 24-28)

Refused Egypt … Choosing to suffer … Forsook Egypt … Kept the Passover

Israelite nation (v. 29-30)

Crossed the Red Sea … Compassed the walls of Jericho

Rahab (v. 31)

Received the spies

Numerous faith heroes (v. 32-38)

Subdued kingdoms … obtained promises … escaped the edge of the sword … many died for their faith!